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Monthly Mighty

Join the Monthly Mighty today by setting up a monthly gift. We encourage you to choose an amount that's meaningful to you. Here are a few of our favorites.


We get it. You like 7s because you are fast. Or you're on a budget. Either way, we respect that and are glad you are here.


No surprise the most popular style of rugby is also our most popular donation level. Congrats on making the starting line-up. Now let's start something big.


A deep roster is important. So are deep pockets (and rugby shorts with pockets). 


You know that impact player who comes in at the 40 minute and turns some heads? Yeah, that's you.


#1 rugby team since 1991. #1 fan since right now. Maybe you're an original Black Ice Baller. Maybe you're just a high roller. No matter what, we're grateful for your support.

1-Time Gift

Give any amount at any time! We've listed some ideas below if you want to make a specific impact.

Don't have PayPal but want to subscribe? Fill out this quick form!

Venmo: @BlackIce-Rugby

Where are the donations going?

Any gift to Black Ice is greatly appreciated. Below is a list of ways the team may use the given donations:

$160 - Night of Practice

includes lights, field, equipment

$500 - Home Game

includes field, referees, trainers, etc

$1700 - Travel Game

includes team and coach hotel, coach travel, rental cars, etc

Are you a business interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities?

Learn more here!

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