Black Ice Faq


What is Denver Black Ice Rugby?

Denver Black Ice Rugby is a Division 1 Women's Rugby Football Club in Denver, Colorado. Find out more on the About page!


Does it cost money to join?

There are dues each season. CIPPing for USA Rugby also requires a $45 fee per year. Dues and team fundraising support our fields, coaches, referees, and trainers.


What should I bring?

-Weather-appropriate layers and clothing

-Molded mouthguard


-Water bottle

-Extras: Spandex, rugby shorts, long socks


Who should I contact?

Visit the Contact page!


Are there tryouts?

We field a competitive and developmental team, so there are NO tryouts to join (just show up at practice!). 


When are practices?

Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday during the Fall and Spring. They will start 2/19/19 and run from 8:00PM - 10:00PM at Infinity Park (turf field) in Denver, Colorado. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to boot up, say hi, and practice skills with teammates.


When are games?

Visit the Schedule page!


How do I play rugby?

Visit the Rugby 101 page!