NFL Survivor

It’s time for the Black Ice NFL Survivor Pool! 


 $20 entry, $10 insurance, 5 entries max per person. NOTE: Registration ends NEXT Wednesday, September 8th!


Not sure what this is? It's easy! 


You pick one team each week to win - Just one! That's it! -  The can NOT pick that team again the whole 17 week season. If the team that you chose to win loses and you have insurance, it will automatically be put into effect and you survive until your next loss (or if you make it to the end!). No insurance? You're out.


If we get to the very end and there is a tie between someone who HAS used insurance and someone who has NOT, the person who has NOT used insurance will get 60% of the pot* and the person who has used insurance will get 40%. If there are two people who have used insurance - 50/50 split of the pot*. Two people who have not used - 50/50 split of the pot*. Otherwise you can win the whole pot* if you used insurance and are the last person standing! 


*Pot = half of the total profit excluding insurance profit 


Just get the insurance.....


Suck at football? #sports The website gives you suggestions on who to pick each week. However, this is not a guarantee that their suggestion will be correct.


How to play:

1. Pay

  1. Pay via Venmo @BlackIce-Rugby (it's the one with the Black Ice crest!) with comment: NFL Pool Name + insurance (if needed) -- example: "NFL Pool Sarah Somebody + insurance"

  2. Pay on the website

2. Sign up

  1. Pay ^^ either via Venmo or the website (see below)

  2. Once you've paid, create an account to sign up here



Questions/comments? Contact Jessie Brewer: